WakeUp To Transformation

WakeUp Health exposes people to new health possibilities that incite them to become proactive in their health journey.

In doing so, WakeUp Health transforms people’s health for the better. So that they can look forward to aging gracefully and living a long, healthy, and happy life. 

WakeUp To Increased Bone Strength

At WakeUp Health, we are committed to helping you restore and preserve your bone health with a natural and effective lifestyle approach. Living a long and active lifestyle requires care and maintenance for your body – especially your bones. They are the foundation of your overall health. To keep it simple, we D.R.E.S.S. Our D.R.E.S.S. program strengthens the structure of the foundation of our bodies. 






Making changes to daily routines can be challenging. But you don’t have to do it alone. Founder Ciely Ti Gray’s experience and support at your side will cheer and guide you through your health journey. Not only will you build stronger bones. With bone-strengthening routines comes whole wellness for your entire body.

WakeUp To Wellness Services

Ciely Ti Gray has decades of experience in healing professions that aids her in finding personalized ways to transform women’s health. Her unique lifestyle approach fosters long-lasting healing for her clients.

Ciely Ti Gray - Wakeup Health Founder

Strengthen Them Bones

Getting older doesn't mean it’s time to give up on your dreams. Instead, it’s time to take action! At WakeUp Health, our mission is to transform your bone health for the better, so you can look forward to aging gracefully and living a long, healthy, and happy life. 

Functional Nutrition

Based on the client’s unique Functional Diagnostic profile, WakeUp Health works with you to help you adhere to an eating plan to keep you at your healthiest as you age. Lifestyle change can be difficult and old habits are hard to kick. Diet and lifestyle change resolve 80% of most health issues. With Ciely in your corner, you will have the accountability and motivation to succeed now!


Re-Vision Coaching

Through a powerful journey of self-discovery, you can overcome your unhealthy thought patterns that originated from your earliest years of development. Discover habits stemming from childhood and connect them to your current beliefs and triggers.

Massage Program

Experience health-giving effects of improved circulation and the release of chronic pain. Together, you and Ciely will review medical history from a holistic standpoint to customize your massage for your body and priorities.

Due to COVID-19, services may be impacted for everyone’s safety.


Why Choose WakeUp Health?

Through WakeUp Health, Ciely brings all her wisdom and experience to empower you to step boldly into every area of your life, informed by your true core values, to uncover the deepest calling of your life. Don’t let the fear of breaking bones leave you paralyzed. Instead, let your body’s intelligence be heard. WakeUp Health guides you to express your needs through your health.


About Ciely Ti Gray

Ciely has worked with clients holistically from birth through death. Partnered together, you can connect the dots and build the structure to improve your overall health. 

Leave the obstacles and excuses in the dust. It is time to look at new possibilities. One step at a time, you can do what the moment is calling for. And you’ll have Ciely guiding and cheering you on along the way!

WakeUp To Testimonials

For the past two and a half years, Ciely has given me attention through regular massage. She has not only the benefit of thirty years experience as a massage therapist, but also possesses hands sensitive to every part of the body and whatever difficulties or problems the body may present.

I am glad to have her always follow whatever those hands tell her requires immediate attention, and I am convinced that her regular ministrations play an important role in keeping my body in the good condition it enjoys. I look forward to my time with her with pleasure.

- Bill

A few years ago Ciely shared with me a list of false beliefs that originate in early childhood. That was the beginning of a process of learning and healing that continues today. Understanding the origin of many of my beliefs and behaviors has been invaluable in my personal growth. I am so grateful.

- Joan

Ciely's patient and detailed explanations of the Keto diet and its benefits are what got me on track to eating well. As a result, I've lost much of the excess weight (50 pounds!) I am feeling energized. I now feel confident that I will reach my weight goal--eating healthy is not hard.

- Gerard

By cutting sugar, bread, pasta, and grains out of my diet, I lost 20 pounds (and have maintained that loss for several months) without any sense of deprivation, because I’ve continued to eat cheese, cream and other fat-rich foods (such as avocados, a favorite). Most important to me are the benefits of better digestion and feeling more energetic and free of the brain fog that would descend after eating carb-rich foods. I am grateful to Ciely for her inspiration and guidance.

- Karen

WakeUp To Values


Each situation is unique and is handled with care and sincerity.


Experience a sensitive but no-nonsense approach that provides information supported by appropriate references.


Integrate small and simple changes into your everyday routine to see life-changing differences.


Get long-term solutions over short-term fixes, including a long-lasting partnership full of support, accountability, and growth.   

Ready To WakeUp Your Health?

Your well-being depends on you. If you’re ready to heal your emotional and physical wellness issues, you can depend on Ciely and the WakeUp Health team to be by your side. Schedule your free consultation with WakeUp Health!