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Proof That You Can Build Bones Naturally

By Ciely Ti Gray | May 28, 2021

Did you know that you can build bones naturally and without medications? I do! Because I am walking, talking, living proof that my method works.  This past winter, I had a slip and fell on some ice. When I went down, I landed directly on my sitz bone. Since I was on my daily walk, I was wearing my weighted vest. That means 20 additional pounds went down right on my pelvis.  If it weren’t for my strong bones, I could have fractured my pelvis and landed in a care facility. Instead, I suffered a pulled hamstring that took 4…

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The Truth Behind The Alkaline Diet Myth

By Ciely Ti Gray | May 10, 2021

Anytime we receive a diagnosis or decide to really dedicate ourselves to something, we tend to uncover conflicting data and advice. Researching bone health is no different. While there are a lot of great resources out there, you should remain skeptical of just believing anything that you read. One common result in bone health searches is the idea of a high alkaline diet. Alkaline diets are not only trendy, but also push a false narrative. According to the pushers of this information, high protein animal meat diets make your body more acidic and negatively affect your bones. The idea behind…

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Building Stronger Bones Through Strontium Citrate Supplementation

By Ciely Ti Gray | April 20, 2021

Have you received a less than favorable bone health diagnosis? When I was diagnosed with osteopenia around my 50th birthday, I was devastated. I’ve always been relatively healthy, especially since my career has always revolved around healing professions. So I assumed my bone health would follow suit.  Well ladies, turns out my “healthy” lifestyle wasn’t doing enough to support my bones. I dug into the research and have since dedicated myself to supporting other women through my Strengthen Them Bones program.  Many factors contribute to stronger bones for life, but supplementation has proven to offer the quickest results with minimal…

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6 Walking Foot Positions To Use In Your Exercise Routine

By Ciely Ti Gray | April 20, 2021

Are your feet getting the love they deserve? If the long days have you propping your feet up each night, those puppies must be feeling some sort of way. We moisturize our heels and paint our nails, but are you doing more for your feet than just making them look good? When you’re eating right and getting your exercise in, it’s important not to neglect your feet! After all, they carry us through this life.  How we care for them now can dictate how they support us into old age.  Strong bones are the foundation for a strong and active…

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The Truth Behind Seed Oils And Bones

By Ciely Ti Gray | April 5, 2021

Has vegetable oil always been a staple pantry item in your home? Or maybe you’ve heard the facts and decided to move towards a “healthier” seed oil? Well, I’ve got some news that will affect your grocery list and help you live a long, healthy life.  Vegetable oils have a misleading name. They don’t even contain vegetables! Instead, these oils are made of hydrogenated grains and beans. In other words, they are made from seeds.  Unfortunately, including these seed oils in your diet can negatively affect your overall health – including your bones. If you’ve been following along, you know…

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Focusing on Calcium Absorption & Navigating Healthy Lives Through Unprecedented Times

By Ciely Ti Gray | March 11, 2021

What a time to be alive! For me, this never-ending news cycle of unprecedented times has at times made my heart race. While living through historical moments can seem exciting, it sure does get exhausting! And that stress we’re feeling? Our bones are feeling it, too. Did you know that stress alerts our bodies to flight or fight mode? That’s the cortisol pumping from your adrenal glands at work. While this isn’t a bad thing in moderation… When this news doesn’t stop and your stress levels are always high, it’s time to identify what needs to change. So why is…

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Learning To Calm Your Thoughts And Find Real Rest

By Ciely Ti Gray | February 28, 2021

Do you believe you get enough rest each night? Or are you like so many of us who are kept up by racing thoughts? There’s that saying, “no rest for the weary.” As I’m quickly approaching my 70th birthday, boy do I understand that more than ever! Building WakeUp Health has been all about waking people up to their healing opportunities. Let me tell you something, even though all of my thoughts are usually encompassing wellness and healing – sometimes, even that needs a rest. The reason being is that I often find myself up half the night. I’ll be…

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Organ Meat For Bone Health: Why It’s Worth Reprogramming Your Diet

By Ciely Ti Gray | February 8, 2021

Have you been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis? It can be a hard thing to come to terms with.  It certainly was for me when I received my diagnosis at the age of 50.  Additionally, if you’re on the heels of another health crisis, it feels unfair when your bone deterioration is compounded due to medications. Doctors prescribe medicines to help us, and our programming leads us to believe what doctors tell us. For our entire lives, we have put faith in the medicines they tell us to put into our bodies. When we learn that those same medicines are…

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7 Bone Stressors You Need To Be Aware Of

By Ciely Ti Gray | January 22, 2021

Have you received a discouraging bone density diagnosis?  Or maybe you’ve been told that you’re years away from bone health issues, but want to preemptively avoid complications down the road?  Whatever your reason for reading up on bone health, I am happy you have found me. I’m excited for you to see other choices you can make to preserve and restore your bones. When I started my bone-strengthening journey, I was surprised by the number of things that were creating stress on my bones.  The good news, for you and me, is that I’ve already done the research. I’ve learned…

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The Truths And Myths Around Bone Building Foods

By Ciely Ti Gray | December 9, 2020

If you’re like I was, you’ve probably always assumed that osteoporosis only happened to people in their 70s or older. Actually, many people aren’t aware that your bones stop growing around the age of 30. This is one of the common misconceptions surrounding bone health. But lucky for you, I’ve done the research. I have a science-backed approach to help you reverse or prevent a poor bone health diagnosis. This came about after my own osteopenia diagnosis (a slightly less severe version of osteoporosis). I wanted to avoid masking the problem with a prescription drug and get to the root…

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