Focusing on Calcium Absorption & Navigating Healthy Lives Through Unprecedented Times

What a time to be alive!

For me, this never-ending news cycle of unprecedented times has at times made my heart race. While living through historical moments can seem exciting, it sure does get exhausting!

And that stress we’re feeling? Our bones are feeling it, too.

Did you know that stress alerts our bodies to flight or fight mode?

That’s the cortisol pumping from your adrenal glands at work. While this isn’t a bad thing in moderation… When this news doesn’t stop and your stress levels are always high, it’s time to identify what needs to change.

So why is too much cortisol not great?

Cortisol interrupts calcium absorption into the bones. While you may be doing everything right health-wise with diet and exercise, that stress may be your undoing. Not only is it detrimental to mental health, but as said above, stress is actually messing with your chemical makeup by interfering with calcium absorption and resulting in worsening bone strength. 

Navigating Healthy Lives & Your Calcium Absorption Through Unprecedented Times

Recently, a good friend of mine started feeling pain in her chest and shortness of breath while watching the news. No, it wasn’t a heart attack – thank goodness! But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t scary.

Lately, it has been that intense!

Luckily, my friend’s only real medical problems were GERD and constipation – nothing life-threatening in her case. As relieving as it is to know her health is in pretty good shape, a pivot moment is necessary.

We want to keep up with current events and stay informed on how to make the best decisions – especially when the news and decisions of others are directly affecting our own lives. But suppose the news and opinions of others are causing panic attacks with scary symptoms that mimic heart attacks. In that case, we also need to know when to shut it off.

This is where finding a healthy balance comes into play. Because too much of anything is usually not a good thing. That’s why my Strengthen Them Bones program focuses on Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress, and Supplementation (D.R.E.S.S.).

Breaking From The News Cycle

Are you wondering, “how do I stay informed on this constantly changing world if I’m not watching the news?”

By all means, I’m not suggesting that you cut off access to current events completely. But for the sake of your well-being, it may be time to take a step back.

If you’re in the habit of leaving the news on all day for background noise, may I suggest trying music or episodes of a TV show you’ve already seen?

In addition, schedule 30 minutes a day to receive the daily news. Make sure it’s not too close to bedtime. After all, your brain has time to relax to allow for a good night’s sleep.

De-Stressing Our Lives

Especially if you’ve been making an effort to live healthily, you don’t want stress to be the factor that unwinds your progress.

Stress can undermine all of our best efforts regarding diet, exercise, sleep, and supplementation. If we don’t take a break to allow our bodies and minds time to truly rest, our bodies’ chemistry will in a sense throw a fit.

Keeping Good Health Front And Center

Healthy routines make my world go round! Just like healthy meals and daily exercise, incorporating de-stressing into our daily routines will go a long way in keeping us healthy.

Set alarms on your phone at regular intervals throughout the day to shake things up. When you hear the alarm, take 2-3 minutes to stand up from your chair.

Then, shift your focus into breathing deeply in and out. The spinning energy within your body will start to settle.

Follow this by some type of movement. For quick resets, I personally enjoy swinging my arms back and forth. Then I’ll do just a couple pushups to get my blood moving. Finally, I lean against the wall and drop down into a chair position. The focus on holding this position takes over. Then the chaotic news cycle and stress from tech issues at work leave my mind.

After these mini mind breaks, I return to my desk with fresh eyes and inspiration to take me through the rest of my day. Not only does my mind feel better, but I know my bones are thanking me for taking steps to keep them strong.

D.R.E.S.S. For Your Bones’ Success

How do you dress your bones? It’s not about your outfit. It’s about the acronym.

Diet. Rest. Exercise. Stress. Supplementation.

If you’re focusing on your calcium absorption, start to dress!


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Healthy bodies and minds rely on rest to keep them functioning to their potential. Whether that means shutting off screens at a certain time or enjoying time with a friend, finding ways to truly rest will have massive benefits to your well-being. If you’re finding yourself tossing and turning, re-read my blog Learning To Calm Your Thoughts And Find Real Rest.


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WakeUp To A Stronger Tomorrow By Taking Steps Today

Are you ready to hit the off button and stop letting the news cycle control your life?

While current and world events are certainly worth knowing, it’s just as important to keep a keen outlook on your health – especially your calcium absorption.

My entire career has been centered around facets of healing professions. Ever since my own Osteopenia diagnosis, I have shifted my focus to specifically helping other women overcome their fears of poor bone strength.

If you are ready to take the steps towards aging gracefully with a full and active life, let’s get started. Don’t wait for symptoms. WakeUp now! Contact WakeUp Health and get started today!

Ciely Ti Gray