Massage Program

Leave your tasks and responsibilities behind and allow your body and mind to transition from tense to relaxed. Experience the health-giving effects of improved circulation and the release of chronic pain – all with a massage experience tailored to your unique needs.

Book a massage today to find the relief that your body deserves.

When you step into my massage studio, you enter an environment of total welcome and peace, where your experience will be customized to you and your body’s immediate requirements. We’ll begin by discussing your needs and priorities in a warm and trusting environment. I’ll review your history from a holistic standpoint to customize your massage and learn what your priorities are.

During the bodywork session, your built-up stress and tension will fade away into a state of physical and emotional bliss. I’ll tailor the bodywork techniques to address whatever your body tells me it needs, whether it’s relief from the psychic stress of a hard work week or a release from physical pain from knotted muscles. As I listen to what your body is telling me during session, my skilled hands will deliver just what the moment calls for by using a unique combination of massage techniques suited to your needs alone.

By approaching your body from this holistic perspective, you will leave your appointment with a sense of total well-being.


Swedish Massage

Long, soothing movements that promote total body relaxation and improved circulation.

Cross Fiber Massage

Eliminates spasticity by focusing on releasing bound-up areas of connective tissue.

Deep Tissue Massage

Treats specific problem areas by applying therapeutic pressure on deeper tissues.

Craniosacral Massage

Focuses on the joints of the cranium, spine, and sacrum to relieve compression and restore optimal function.

Structural Relief Therapy Massage

Eases chronic pain and involuntary muscle contraction, by applying static pressure and using passive joint motion.

Myofascial and Trigger Point Massage

Brings pain relief to trigger points, by releasing areas of adhered fascia that cause discomfort during everyday activities like walking and sitting.

Choose from the appointment options below, to find one that matches your need

30 Minute Session: $45

60 Minutes Session: $85

75 Minute Session: $100

90 Minute Session: $120

My promise to you is to assess what the moment is calling for, and leave you with nothing left unfinished.