WakeUp Your Body With Massage Programs

Release Tension And Open Your Mind To Wellness


WakeUp Health tailors massages to each client’s unique needs. Relish in safety and relaxation while you let go of to-do lists and responsibilities. Massage sessions provide the health-giving effects of improved circulation and the release of tension and chronic pain which allows the nervous system to rest.

Bodywork To Relieve Your Unique Tensions

Leave The Stress Behind

Stepping into the massage studio, you are welcomed to retreat into a peaceful environment. 

Always starting with a conversation, you discuss your body’s most current needs – whether physical or emotional – with Ciely. She will then holistically review your medical history and your current needs.

The result is a customized massage focused on your unique priorities.


Ciely’s years of experience and expertise have trained her hands to listen to your body. 

During the session, your body directs Ciely’s hands to provide relief from stress and physical pain. 

Through a holistic perspective and various massage techniques, you will leave your session with renewed well-being.

Different Types of Massage

Return to Wholeness With A Massage

Through different bodywork techniques, Ciely is able to deliver a total body massage while pinpointing your body’s exact needs.

Swedish Massage

Promote total relaxation throughout your body while improving circulation with the long and soothing movements of Swedish Massage.

Craniosacral Massage

Restore function by relieving compression in this massage, using   the fluid rhythms that release the joints of the cranium, spine, and sacrum. A ripple goes out from there allowing the rest of the body to unwind and settle into stillness.

Cross Fiber Massage

Like strumming a guitar string, friction techniques are applied to release tension in muscles’ connective tissues. The friction applied to large muscle groups or other specific areas releases the tissues to deeper flexibility and healing.

Structural Relief Therapy Massage

Gently stimulating change within the muscles by shortening a muscle in a relaxed state. Then with static pressure and passive joint motions, SRT massage eases chronic pain by eliminating involuntary muscle contractions.

Deep Tissue Massage

With a deep intention and slow penetration into a muscle spasm in order to release pressure from the deepest layers of muscles and connective tissues, this relieves tension, chronic pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, and more.

Myofascial Trigger Point Massage

Release the built-up knots deep in the connective tissue with this massage targeting your underlying trigger points.

Session Pricing

Each appointment will assess what your body is calling for, leaving you feeling relaxed and your body’s unique needs being met.


Bodywork Pricing

30 Minute Session - $45
60 Minute Session - $85
75 Minute Session - $100
90 Minute Session - $120


Get To Know Your Masseuse

Experience And Expertise In Healing Professions

Ciely Ti Gray has been working in the healing professions for close to 50 years. Through these years of experience and expertise, Ciely’s hands have learned to listen and feel into the areas of the body in need of work. Through massage, Ciely navigates your body and brings healing to your chronic pain, high blood pressure, and more. After a bodywork session, you will feel empowered to conquer your day and step boldly into the future.