Organ Meat For Bone Health: Why It’s Worth Reprogramming Your Diet

Have you been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis?

It can be a hard thing to come to terms with. 

It certainly was for me when I received my diagnosis at the age of 50. 

Additionally, if you’re on the heels of another health crisis, it feels unfair when your bone deterioration is compounded due to medications.

Doctors prescribe medicines to help us, and our programming leads us to believe what doctors tell us. For our entire lives, we have put faith in the medicines they tell us to put into our bodies. When we learn that those same medicines are literally deteriorating our bones, it’s heartbreaking.

But what happens when you truly need these drugs to combat another health condition? 

Does it feel like you are taking 2 steps forward, then 3 steps back?

If you find yourself in this holding pattern, it’s time to rethink your approach.

Why It’s Worth Reprogramming Your Diet To Include Organ Meat For Bone Health

Foods we grew up believing were strengthening our bones, in fact, were not. Calcium-rich foods, such as milk and cheese, have been falsely flaunting as bone builders for years. 

Learning to accept the truth about foods can be challenging. Overcoming our own setbacks is frustrating. But there is a way forward. 

I experienced the pain of guilt and regret over 20 years ago. But since then, I have continued to learn. And when we know better, we can do better. 

Supplementing my diet with the proteins of animal organs has done wonders. In the 5 years that it has been part of my routine, I have documented significant increases in bone density. And I want you to see that same increase in your bone’s strength!

Moving Forward After Diagnosis

Remembering that feeling of regret is tough. It was consuming when I first learned of my osteopenia diagnosis. 

Why had I not been tested earlier?

What have I been doing so wrong?

Then to learn that alcohol, occasional smoking, and sugary contents of unsuspected foods all play a role. The guilt of betraying my body was overwhelming. But as I am always learning, I am also committing to doing better. 

Learning about foods has consistently been one of the biggest sources of improvement. How are we not all told that sugar is in popcorn, bread, and pasta? The amount of sugar within carbs is quite astounding.

Do you share this feeling of regret and guilt? 

Is there something you should be doing differently to keep problems from getting worse?

If you’re feeling this way, imagine what will happen if you do nothing. 

Nothing good, that I can tell you.

But we can start now. 

And you definitely don’t have to do this alone! Together, we can reprogram your diet to build stronger bones with animal organ proteins and supplementation.

Start Your Bone Healing Journey Now

Reevaluating your diet is one thing you can do today. As you may know, my unconventional bone approach encourages low carb, moderate animal protein, and high fat for bone health. I have been using this dietary approach for the last 5 years. In doing so, I continue to see significant gain in my bone density. Not to mention, my overall health. 

When you hear animal protein, what comes to mind?

Steak? Burgers? Chicken?

What if I were to tell you that animal organs are the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet? Hearing this often catches my clients off guard. It’s not uncommon to hear the idea of eating animal organs is suspect. 

Here’s the truth… 

Not only are organ meats considered a delicacy. But they are so rich in nutrients they can actually help improve your health. If you want to start taking steps to build your bone strength and overall health. Then incorporate animal organ meat into your diet.

Primitive Eating Has Its Benefits

Although it is common today, primitive humans did not eat only muscle tissue. Instead, they also ate the organs of the animals. There is tons of information and research now to support this way of eating for more than just bone health. 

As humans were evolving, being a hunter/gatherer was necessary for survival. Meat was obvious. And at that time, it was a reliable food source. 

Michael Eades has ample research pertaining to the prefrontal cortex evolving because of humans eating meat. Think about that for a minute. Human evolution was deeply impacted by eating meat. Brains further developed. 

Another writer, Lierre Keith discovered why she became sick after being a vegetarian for 25 years. In this research, she discusses learning why animal products are good for our bodies. As well as for the ecology of the planet.

If you have made the decision to be a vegetarian, think about why you made that choice. Common answers include weight loss, avoiding antibiotics given to farm animals, and even a stand against the current state of the farming industry. 

Whatever your reasoning, if you are battling an Osteoporosis diagnosis, it is time to rethink your diet. I strongly recommend the work of both authors mentioned above, Michael Eades and Lierre Keith. 

Here’s the thing, even though thinking this way is not the “norm” that you were raised with, it is time to reprogram your diet to include organ meat for bone health.

Organ Meat For Bone Health Supplementation

When you hear this need for organ meats, do you feel queasy? 

I ask as very few people like organ meats. The reality is that very few people have actually tried them! And yes, that is completely psychological. But if you have a problem ordering brains, hearts, or kidneys off the menu, then supplementation is a perfect place to start. 

Sometimes, supplements can be easier to swallow.

Animal foods have the highest nutrient density and are the most bio-available – specifically organ meats for bone health such as liver, heart, kidney, and even more you may not have heard of! Consider an alternative such as Heart & Soil meat organ supplements! They provide a way to get all the benefits in a capsule.

WakeUp To Your First Step Towards Stronger Bones

Are you ready to take the first step?

Your journey to stronger bones starts the day you take action. 

It can be overwhelming. I know that from experience. But with my experience comes knowledge. I’ve done the trial and error for you, so you don’t have to – having found what works and what doesn’t. 

You have the opportunity to take a straightforward path to stronger bones. Don’t let the anxiety of getting started stand in your way. 

Together, we can reprogram your diet so that your bones can start growing stronger. Click here for a free bone-building checklist.


Ciely Ti Gray