Re-Vision Coaching

Emotional triggers can feel disconcerting, especially as an adult. We don a facade of strength, while underneath we live in a funk where our mind seems to be attacking itself more than promoting growth and stamina. It’s normal to have days where we feel off, but when emotional instability becomes a pattern, it’s time to take a deeper look.

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Self-Discovery to Achieve Emotional Peace

In my Re-Vision Coaching sessions, we take a powerful journey of self-discovery. We will discover habits of self-talk that may stem from early childhood beliefs and experiences, and make a connection to your reactions and triggers today.

These sessions are not just valuable for those with traumatic childhoods. Anyone can benefit from acknowledging the childlike inner voice that so often negatively dominates our self-talk -- and introducing that child to the more mature and balanced nature of our adult perspective.

Our younger voice inside is the voice that reminds us of our insecurities, our failures and our fears. When we are triggered, this voice takes over and weakens our inner stability. When we become aware of this pattern, we can start to engage our older, wiser inner voice and turn those false beliefs around.


Personal Re-Vision Coaching in a Safe, Supportive Setting

Mental health awareness can feel vulnerable and daunting, and as a health coach I recognize the courage it takes to engage on this level. But I do believe in the importance of both physical and mental healthfulness – and I would feel honored to walk this path with you. I recognize the considerable strength and commitment it takes to make a choice towards growth. Even the act of scheduling an appointment can be powerful, giving you the validation that you are making your emotional health a priority.

What does a Re-Vision coaching session look like

We will explore a list of common false beliefs, and discover which ones strike a sensitive chord inside you. With that awareness, we will then explore the story or experience that surrounded the development of that belief, and the various contexts it still arises in today as an adult. Through role play of the triggering scenario, you will learn to engage your two inner voices -- and recognize the power of the older, wiser voice.

I will empower you with a practical tool in the form of a creed, which you can reference in the moment that you feel triggered. This creed or statement can immediately begin to change your inner field in the instant of vulnerability. We will develop this creed together, so it is relevant and empowering for you as an individual.

Revision Coaching Pricing:

60-minute session: $65

Focus on the strength it took you to schedule this session. You have made the choice to step into what could feel like a vulnerable and disconcerting journey. These feelings are normal, and only prove how strong you are. I welcome you with care and understanding. The transparency you show will be honored and kept safe, and only used to promote healing and growth.

Join me in a personalized session today, and begin your own journey of Re-Vision.