Proof That You Can Build Bones Naturally

Did you know that you can build bones naturally and without medications?

I do! Because I am walking, talking, living proof that my method works. 

This past winter, I had a slip and fell on some ice. When I went down, I landed directly on my sitz bone. Since I was on my daily walk, I was wearing my weighted vest. That means 20 additional pounds went down right on my pelvis. 

If it weren’t for my strong bones, I could have fractured my pelvis and landed in a care facility. Instead, I suffered a pulled hamstring that took 4 months to heal. But persistence pays off, and I’m back to my active lifestyle.

Additionally, if I hadn’t been consistent with my Strengthen Them Bones program, I wouldn’t have the strong bones I have today. 

Proof That You Can Build Bones Naturally

It is possible to completely restore your bone health! 

I’ve seen the results on paper and through my ice incident. Recently, I had another Dexa scan, and my bone health is now completely normal in all areas. This is something I’ve been working towards, and I am so proud of my achievements. Now, I’m happy to share my method with other women so they can start working towards real results now. 

Are you ready to take the steps towards real results? Schedule a consultation with me, Ciely Ti Gray, to start your journey down the path of wellness. 

Don’t Let Stress Hold You Back

It’s been wonderful to see my bone health improve and have the test results to back it up. Before this most recent test, my 2019 Dexa scan was also an improvement from the 2 years before. Hitting milestones in wellness one scan at a time reaffirms that I’m taking the right steps. 

But it wasn’t always easy. My 2019 scan was in the midst of halting my business to provide hospice for both my stepfather and mother during their dying days. On top of being a caregiver, I was dealing with the stress of wrapping up their affairs and selling their house. I only share this personal information to let you know that it is possible to stick to the routines even through stressful times. 

When I finally returned home to start my business, COVID hit! And then, I had the additional stress of learning through the tech challenges of running an online business. 

But through it all, I’ve stuck to my routines. Not only did my health improve, but my morning self-care routine has kept me grounded through it all. Now I find myself sitting in front of the computer most of the day after my morning walk. Of course, I take short breaks as needed to keep my body and mind healthy. Because at the end of the day, the stress still continues, so it’s important to keep up my routine. 

Being Genetically Inclined To Poor Bone Health Isn’t An Excuse

In addition to the stress of my everyday life, I’m also at high risk for osteoporosis – which is probably why I was diagnosed with borderline osteoporosis at the age of 50. Typically, post-menopausal females with pale skin and thin bodies are at higher risk for poor bone health. 

However, I work hard for my bones. Although I used to dabble, I no longer drink alcohol or smoke. I do not take medications that contradict my bone-strengthening efforts. And there are a lot of these medications, so lookout for a blog post about this in the future. 

Also, I can honestly say that I have never taken any bone-building prescription drugs. I’m not interested in those nasty side effects, plus my method is working! 

Do your genetics tick all the boxes putting you at risk for osteoporosis? Don’t be discouraged. Schedule a consultation to start safely working towards your health goals today.

Managing & Monitoring Overall Health

Although I avoid prescriptions, for the most part, I do have to pay attention to my hypoactive thyroid. Hypothyroidism slows the body’s metabolism, and in turn, also slows the bones’ metabolism. 

These high levels of thyroid hormones cause rapid bone loss. Then the new bones that are forming might not be as strong as the bones that have been lost. This process of increasing bone loss over time causes osteoporosis. So, I monitor my thyroid twice a year. 

In addition to monitoring the thyroid, I am also on bio-identical hormones which I have been taking since my mid-40s. Unlike other prescriptions, I believe bio-identical hormones are important for bones. 

With any prescriptions, do your research. Check for bone loss side effects, and if they exist, get off of them if possible. Always start and stop prescriptions with the help of your doctor. Be willing to educate your doctor on the risks of bone health affiliated with certain prescriptions. 

New approaches to wellness are not always taken seriously by standard care providers. So find a doctor who is open to your ideas and will work with you to get the results you want. 

Keto, Carnivorous, & Ignoring The Myths

I keep meat at the center of my meals. There is so much misinformation about red meat and fat. If you’ve heard the rumors about meat being so acidic that it pulls calcium from the bones, make sure to check out my blog The Truth Behind The Alkaline Diet Myth.

The misinformation doesn’t stop there. If you’ve been doing your research, then chances are you’ve heard that high cholesterol from animal fats causes heart disease. I eat animal fats by the spoonful, including butter, tallow from beef, lard on my bacon, and suet from lamb. According to my calcium score heart test results, I have zero calcium around my heart. 

Furthermore, I do not eat any form of white sugar and keep my diet very low carb. These two things include everything that is not a protein or a fat. This includes both processed foods and vegetables. Root vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, and beets, generate high amounts of sugar in the bloodstream. Additionally, the plant toxins and oxalates do pull calcium from the bones. So I avoid them. 

My experience in restoring my bones tells me that meats and fats need to be eaten more. Not just for bone health, but to maintain muscle strength and overall health as we age. 

If you are experiencing any type of health struggle, trust that eating right can restore you back to good health. And eat more meat when possible. 

Consistency Got Me Where I Am Today

You’ve probably picked up on this, but consistency is the key to see results. My exercise routine has always been consistent, but not incredibly time-consuming. I usually take my dog on a 20-minute walk twice a day, strapped in my weighted vest of course. 

Incorporating weight-bearing exercises is critical to bone health. In addition, I also practice Pilates, yoga, and sometimes just some gentle jumping. Vary each day as much as possible. This encourages strength building in different areas of your body while keeping the exercise from becoming boring. 

WakeUp To Wellness & Building Stronger Bones

As you’ve read above, my routines revolve around my health – not just maintaining where I am today but constantly improving through consistency. 

If you want to see real results, it’s time to WakeUp your body and mind to the journey ahead. I’ve done the steps, and I bask in the results. It took a lot of research, trial, and error to develop my method. But being persistent got me where I am today. 

The good news is that you don’t have to spend time on trial and error. Instead, you can start taking the right steps today to help you age gracefully in the future. 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to sticking to a routine. You don’t have to do it alone either. I will be in your corner to guide you through your journey. 

Ready to experience overall wellness? Contact WakeUp Health and get started today!

Ciely Ti Gray

You need not develop health conditions that appear to be ‘in your genes.’ I’m here to let you know that it is possible to heal your physical and emotional wellness issues. I’m here to help you become healthier today – before symptoms occur - and to maintain your vitality through mid-life and beyond.