Re-Vision Coaching

Are You Feeling Off Balance And Out Of Touch With Your Emotions?

Find You Center With Holistic Re-Vision Coaching

There’s no quick fix to uncovering your inner calm. However, there are healthy ventures you can practice right away to give you a little peace of mind moving forward. Join founder Ciely Ti Gray for a Re-Vision Coaching session and realign your emotions to balance yourself for who you want to be in the future.


Repeat after me…

I am strong. 

I am dedicated to my health. 

I am intuitive and know what my mind and body needs.

- Ciely Ti Gray

Overcome Your Excuses

Recognize when your reactions and triggers are affecting your life.

Too often, we let our inner childlike voice housing our insecurities and fears take over and take away from who we are. Simply put, it’s easy to listen to this voice, but it does not always serve us well.


Gently Wander Into Your Past

Book a Re-Vision Coaching session and wander with Ciely to engage with your younger self and replace those false beliefs with the empowering version of who you are today. Created through growth, change, and the willingness to improve ourselves, this session will help anyone who is continuously dealing with:

  • Negative thoughts caused by childhood trauma
  • Self-talk that affirms false beliefs
  • Habitual triggers that weakens the sense of self

Awaken Your Sense Of Self In A Safe Space

Take The Challenging Step To Receive Mental Health 

Sometimes, it can feel downright exhausting and impossible.

This is why it’s important to know that when you attend one of Ciely’s Re-Vision Coaching sessions, you’re entering a space of understanding, validation, truth, and trust.

You can feel free to talk with Ciely and know that she is committed to your success, even when your inner voice becomes intrusive to the possibility that your best life is still ahead.

WakeUp To Peace With Re-Vision Coaching

Walk Through The Process With Ciely By Your Side

The approach is simple. But it could be the outlet you need to make a difference in your life. One 60-minute session is $65 and is personalized to your specific needs.



Together with Ciely, you will search and seek your triggers, false beliefs, and self-doubts. As each one is thoroughly addressed, you will discover why it has made such an impact on your adult life.



You’ll be invited to participate in active tasks that test your reactions to expose your two conflicting younger and elder inner voices. Here, you’ll learn who you can listen to.



Implement what you have learned into your daily life and see total transformation.

Part Of Aging Gracefully Tomorrow Means Taking Care Of Your Mental Wellbeing Today

Attain Overall Wellbeing For Wholeness In Your Future

If you’re overwhelmed and feel stuck in a cycle of unstable emotions, now is the time to take action. Revitalize your spirit, and take care of the thoughts that guide you through each day with an intimate Re-Vision Coaching session.