6 Walking Foot Positions To Use In Your Exercise Routine

Are your feet getting the love they deserve?

If the long days have you propping your feet up each night, those puppies must be feeling some sort of way. We moisturize our heels and paint our nails, but are you doing more for your feet than just making them look good?

When you’re eating right and getting your exercise in, it’s important not to neglect your feet! After all, they carry us through this life. 

How we care for them now can dictate how they support us into old age. 

Strong bones are the foundation for a strong and active life, and it all stems from the feet. 

To make sure your feet are being treated right, I’ve compiled my list of foot care and exercises. You might be surprised to learn that even walking foot positions can provide strengthening and flexibility benefits to your feet. 

Walking Foot Positions To Strengthen Feet For Life

You’ve probably heard someone mention in your lifetime the importance of caring for your feet. Maybe it was something you blew off when you were younger. 

Unfortunately for the givers of that advice, they are probably aware because they’ve found their own feet starting to give up on them. It’s one of those things we as humans tend to ignore until it’s too late. But that doesn’t have to be the case for you!

6 Walking Foot Positions To Use During Your Daily Walks

In my earlier blog, The 4 Types of Weight Training For Bone Health I Do, I share my favorite products to incorporate into my daily exercise and self-care routines. Rubbing my feet with a loofah mitt, sporting my weighted vest, and rocking my toe stretching Vibram’s FiveFinger shoes have all helped me and my feet tremendously. 

Those daily walks expose me to fresh air, get my blood flowing, and give me a chance to stimulate my feet in new ways. Practicing these exercises strengthens my feet so that they can continue to carry me through my active life. 

If any of these walking feet positions make you nervous about a fall, start slow. Hold the railing of your stairs or use some walking poles. Take a friend, child, grandchild, spouse, or even a nosy neighbor on your stroll around the block. Don’t let fear hold you back from achieving a stronger, healthier, and happier life.  

While on your daily walks, incorporate the following exercises while getting your steps. If you’ve invested in Vibram’s FiveFinger shoes, then wear them.

1. Walk Like A Pigeon And A Duck

It might sound silly. But alternating pointing your toes inward and outward can greatly benefit your feet. All the different points of your feet, ankles, knees, and hips need to be opened to flexibility, strengthening, and healing. And these seemingly silly ways of walking will help do just that!

Pigeon Toe 

While walking, point your toes inward for several steps at a time. This will impact joints in your ankles, knees, and hips from different angles.  

Duck Walk 

Alternate pointing your toes out, like a duck, from time to time. Duck walking is basically the opposite of the above pigeon toe. Do this for several steps at a time. The different angles will also impact joints in your ankles, knees, and hips. 

2. Get Up On Your Tiptoes 

Walking on your toes will help them to spread. Doing so will impact joints and muscles from new angles. If neuropathy occurs, you’ll probably feel a pinch in your toes. Carefully move through that pain. Your toes need to move in different directions to stimulate their strength. It may not always be comfortable at first. But with practice, it will get easier and feel more natural.

3. Go Sideways On The Stairs

When going up and downstairs, walk slightly sideways. With both feet pointed in the same direction. Alternate the direction of your body every 3-5 stair steps. This exercise stimulates leg muscles from different angles. 

4. Practice Grounding For Physical And Mental Wellbeing

When the opportunity arises, walk barefoot. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Walk barefoot on the grass, sand, dirt, or whatever you have access to. We, as humans, are dependent on having our feet on the ground. Our bodies are wired to crave skin touching the earth. This also employs muscles on the bottoms of our feet to grip, stretch, and stimulate in new ways. 

5. Switch Up Your Shoes 

We’ve all got shoes that haven’t been worn in a while. So bust those babies out! Your feet enjoy being stimulated in new ways. Switching up the shoes you wear can do just that. Consider this permission to go shoe shopping or just give those shoes in the back of the closet a whirl!

6. Relax In An Epsom Salt Foot Bath 

At the end of the day, reward your feet and yourself by relaxing with a nice foot soak. Whether you’re pulling a bowl for a foot soak or running a full bath for a body soak, add Epsom salt. 

Your skin will absorb the magnesium it wants so badly. Skin is permeable and absorbs what you put on it. This is why you shouldn’t use products that you wouldn’t also put in your mouth. 

The U.S. cosmetic and skincare industry is not greatly regulated. This means that seemingly harmless products could contain carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and more. Keep it simple with Epsom salt. Skin can absorb it all. Soaking your feet in Epsom salt is soothing and relaxing. Your feet will thank you. 

WakeUp Your Feet For An Active And Healthy Life

Are you striving for wellbeing in your life?

If you’ve been following along, you’ve heard or read about my D.R.E.S.S. protocol (Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress, and Supplementation). For our bodies to age gracefully, we have to take the steps now to promote wellbeing into our old age. 

Bones are the foundation of a healthy life. To achieve stronger bones, we must eat right. This doesn’t include all the food propaganda we’ve heard throughout our lives, as unfortunately, a lot of that is misinformation. But I’ve done the research so that you can dive into true healthier eating now. 

Additionally, we must also exercise. Bones crave strength training. But to be able to carry out these exercises, it all comes down to the feet. To give your body what it wants, you must incorporate walking foot positions into your exercise routine, too. 

Does this seem like a lot to take in? I know it can be overwhelming. But that’s why I’m here. Ever since my own Osteopenia diagnosis over 20 years ago, I have researched, formulated long-lasting plans for health, and have dedicated myself to sharing this information with other women. You don’t have to do this alone. Plus, I’ve already done the mind-boggling research, so you don’t have to. Start your journey to an active life today.

Contact WakeUp Health and get started today!

Ciely Ti Gray